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The PEOPLE & FEELINGS: HE, SHE, THEY International art project and competition is open to authors from 18 years and older, from any country in the world.


Section: "HE. Masculinity"
1. Male body beauty
2. Male gaze
3. Male emotion
4. The image of a hero
5. The image of our contemporary
6. Futurism: the man of the future
7. Fashion and Style
8. Male faces and portraits
9. Male image symbolism

Section: "SHE. Femininity"
1. Beauty of the female body
2. Female gaze
3. Female emotion
4. The image of our contemporary
5. Futurism: the woman of the future
6. Fashion and Style
7. Female faces and portraits
8. Female image symbolism
9. In harmony with nature

Section: "HE and SHE. Interaction"
1. Kisses and hugs
2. Storytelling: a love story
3. Love abstractions
4. Erotic fantasies
5. Relationship symbolism
6. Relationship conceptualism
7. Family harmony

Section: "THEY. Life of society"
1. Friendship and friends
2. Storytelling: a life story
3. Human and nature
Human and city
4. Sport life
5. Overcoming
6. The symbolism of public life
7. Heroes of our time
8. Fairy tales, epic and naive
9. Empathy and an accessible environment
10. Relationships between generations

Theme: Relationship visualization

The relationship between a man and a woman is an art. The art of understanding and accepting each other. It is the art of forgiving another's mistakes. Do not follow your emotional impulses and thoughts in conflicts, but take a step up to greater Love, to a higher state. To make this step for real - with all your being and with your heart. This is the art of sincerely conceding victory to a partner so that both win. The art of raising each other to new heights, the art of joining forces and cultivating the best in each other. This is the art of inspiration. life of society. This is the ability to protect your relationship with your partner.