The PEOPLE & FEELINGS: HE, SHE, THEY International art project and competition is open to authors from 18 years and older, from any country in the world.

Official site of the project: 

The PEOPLE & FEELINGS: HE, SHE, THEY International art project is held in various countries of the world.

In 2024, the project will take place in Moscow .

Exhibition datesJuly 28 - August 3, 2024
Registration deadline: until July 25, 2024
The Moscow exhibition is held in the "ART COMMUNE" gallery (Moscow, Kievskaya str., 2)

Works of painting, graphics, photography, digital art, sculpture, textiles, arts and crafts take part in the PEOPLE and FEELINGS International art project.

Exhibition Sections:
1) HE. Masculinity
2) SHE. Femininity
3) HE and SHE. Interaction
4) THEY. Life of society

Features of the PEOPLE & FEELINGS: HE, SHE, THEY International art project:

1) Variety of genres
The project will feature the following areas of art: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, textiles, digital art.
2) Geography and international composition
The contest is open to artists, graphic artists, photographers and masters of decorative and applied arts not only from Russia, but also from America, Europe and Asia. The total number of participating countries is over 15. The audience will be able to see an incredible variety of techniques, trends and unique national characteristics.
3) Expert jury
The HE and SHE project is held in the form of a contest. A professional jury from Europe, Asia, America and Russia is convened to evaluate the works participating in the project. Everyone has their own view, their own vision and their own mental scale of assessment. The more interesting it will be to see the result!
4) Publishing to the catalog
All participants are published in the International Edition "HE&SHE. Visualization" The catalog is published in two languages: English and Russian. A4 format, hardcover and paperback. Each author is provided with one or more pages. The works with the maximum number of points are published in the first block, the rest in the second. The catalog is scheduled to be published at the end of January 2021.
4) Promotion
The most successful works that have received a large number of points will be submitted for membership in the Eurasian Art Union and other professional associations.
5) Made with love
We are waiting for the competition works that are made with special love to women and men. We hope that this project will serve to increase spirituality, openness, positivity, and trust in each other. The project was conceived as a hymn in the name of the human spirit, a hymn to harmony and mutual understanding between the sexes.
An artistic interpretation of gender characteristics can bring novelty, brightness, joy to the world, can surprise each other and open up new facets in the relationship between a man and a woman, even if they have been together for many years.
6) Unlimited fantasy
Full carte blanche for creative implementations! Only your creativity, your realization and your incredible love! But there are two important limitations: the work must not be explicit to the degree of "pornography" and comply with the accepted social norms in the country where the exhibition is held. In each case the organizing committee reviews each work and admits to the project only those works that have artistic meaning and a positive attitude towards goodness and beauty.

2024 Theme: HE & SHE: Visualization

The relationship between a man and a woman is an art. The art of understanding and accepting each other. It is the art of forgiving another's mistakes. Do not follow your emotional impulses and thoughts in conflicts, but take a step up to greater Love, to a higher state. To make this step for real - with all your being and with your heart. This is the art of sincerely conceding victory to a partner so that both win. The art of raising each other to new heights, the art of joining forces and cultivating the best in each other. This is the art of inspiration. life of society. This is the ability to protect your relationship with your partner. 

Producer: World Fund of Arts
International Union of Curators,
Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Eurasian Art Union,
Production agency "NextArt"

We invite artists, graphic artists, photographers and masters of various crafts to take part in the PEOPLE & FEELINGS: HE, SHE, THEYInternational art project.

Contacts of the organizing committee in Moscow:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +7 (495) 1182221 (multichannel),
Mobile phone: +7 (985) 8003444, +7 (495) 8004333
WhatsApp / Telegram: +7 (925) 4338821